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Pink Heart "Love You More" Night Light

Pink Heart "Love You More" White Valentine NIGHT LIGHT with Silver Sparkles fabric half-shade night light features the words "Love You More" in black lettering. Measures approximately 5.5"H (includes beading) x 5" W X 3" D. and attaches to the off-white base that has an on/off switch and clear 5 watt bulb, which is included.

The side rims are finished with white French gimp. The top has white venise trim in heart shapes and I've added a pink heart in the middle. The bottom has silver/white gimp trim on top long iridescent beaded fringe, and 2 pink satin roses on the side corners.

Great gift to give someone special in your life!

Pink Poinsettia Holly Holiday Night Light

For your consideration, is this New Pink Poinsettia Night Light for your home or gift-giving! Beautiful Christmas fabric depicting a gorgeous pink poinsettia on a half-shade night light with lovely pink beading at the bottom and light pink French gimp braid at the sides and lt pink faux pearl trim at the top and bottom.

The night light shade measures 5" w x 5 1/2" h (includes beading) x 3" d and it attaches to the base that has an on/off switch and uses a 5 watt bulb, which is included.

$19.99 each

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Pink Gingerbread House Night LIght

$18.99 each

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Gingerbread House Pink Christmas NIGHT LIGHT

New for your Christmas decor or the perfect gift this holiday, is this cute lil' shade featuring a whimsical Gingerbread House Night Light for your Shabby Cottage-Chic, Kitchen or Girls Room Decor.

This cute half shade measures 5 1/2"H x 5" W X 3" D and attaches to the base that has an on/off switch and uses a clear 5 watt bulb (included). The fabric features a very light pink background and the top & bottom have matching irridescent sequin trim. The bottom also has light pink acrylic teardrop beading for some added sparkle on or off! The sides have been finished with white gimp.

Woodland Deer Winter NIGHT LIGHT Snow Forest Animals with Icicle Clear Beaded Fringe

For your consideration, is this Woodland Deer Ornament Winter NIGHT LIGHT Snow Forest Animals Shade Lighting for your home or as a great gift to give for this season!

You'll just love this beautiful depiction of these 2 woodland forest deer with their cute lil' noses sniffing a red ornament, all on a soft neutral-colored background of faint forest trees and softly falling snow.

This handcrafted half-shade light is trimmed in white gimp that has silver metallic running down 1 side and sparkling clear icicle-looking beaded fringe trim on the bottom.

The night light shade itself measures 5 1/2"H x 5"W x 3"D. It has an on/off switch* and uses a 5 watt bulb which is included.

$18.99 each

$17.99 each

2 in stock

Winter Woodland Animals Gray GUEST TOWEL for Cabin Decor

There's soft falling snowflakes in the background of this hand sewn fabric band depicting a winter scene with the woodland forest animals dancing across the snow! Please consider this gray 100% plush cotton Decorative Winter Display Guest Towel for your home or gift-giving this season.

The hand-sewn fabric band features deer, fawns & bunny rabbits in the snow.

The towel measures approximately 16" W x 26" L.